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Commercial Access Control Systems

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Access Control Systems: Enhancing Your Business Security

With the rising trend of technological integration and security awareness, businesses understand that access control is no longer a luxury but a necessity to protect sensitive areas and maintain maximum safety.

As a trusted name in the commercial door industry, Union Door provides a wide range of access control systems designed for a variety of business applications. Our solutions cover everything from basic door entry systems to keypads, card systems, and advanced biometric access controls, offering unmatched flexibility, security, and convenience.

Types of Commercial Access Control Systems

:Access control presents a reliable and efficient way of limiting entry to your premises, thus enhancing security and improving surveillance. The following are some of the most common types of commercial access control systems:

Keycard Systems

A keycard system is a common type of door entry system that uses small, flat cards as keys. The card has an embedded RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip that communicates with a card reader installed on the door. The reader relays the information to the access control server, which verifies the data and grants or denies access accordingly.

Keypad Access Controls

This is a simple yet effective access control system that allows entry after a correct numerical code is input into the keypad. They are typically used in combination with other access control types for increased security.

Mobile Access Controls

With the advent of smartphones and digital applications, mobile access control systems are growing in popularity. Employees can use their smartphones as their access 'keys’ to the workplace.

Biometric Access Controls

This advanced system uses unique physical or behavioral attributes, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or voice patterns, to grant or deny access. Due to their high level of security, they are often found in high-risk areas or in businesses dealing with sensitive information.

Access Control Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs

Whether you're installing a new access control system or upgrading your existing one, our skilled and experienced technicians will ensure seamless integration with your commercial doors and gates.

Our commitment to you extends beyond installation. We offer comprehensive maintenance packages, keeping your access system in optimal condition, ensuring dependability, and extending its lifespan. If you experience any issues, you can rely on our prompt and efficient commercial door technicians to minimize downtime while maintaining productivity and security.

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The Right Access Control Solution For Your Needs

Union Door works with all types of systems including: 

  • IP access control systems
  • Touchless controls
  • Mobile and keycard access
  • RFID readers
  • Smart video intercoms
  • And more!

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Take charge of your security today with the best commercial door access control systems. Not sure which system is right for you? Give us a call and our team will guide you through your options, considering factors such as your business type, security needs, number of access points, and budget. Already know what you need? Feel free to contact us to schedule service in an around the San Francisco Bay Area.
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